who are we??


We are parents and professionals in the world of arts and education – teachers of the Deaf, musicians and actors, ASL teachers, early childhood educators, ASL interpreters, music therapists, college professors and special educators.  We are Baby Fingers Teachers.

Mary is a professional actor, stage combat coach, and teacher. Her parents taught her ASL as a baby and she signed with them before she could speak.

Marie is a music therapist, early childhood special educator, and mom to two little ones. She began her work with Baby Fingers as a music therapy intern when she was in college.

jacob-baby        ian-piano-lesson        lora-baby

Jacob is our Brand Ambassador.  A long time nanny, professional actor, and teaching artist, he first learned ASL as a child actor with the Chicago theater of the Deaf. Jacob provides some of our educator training; he has been teaching Baby Fingers classes and preschool enrichment programs for 5 years.

Ian is our piano and cello teacher for beginners of all ages.  He has had a professional career in music, law, and teaching. He is also Lora’s husband and Dad to Zeke & Sian.

Lora is our founding director.  She is a music therapist, teacher of the Deaf, author of seven sign language books for kids, and mom to Zeke & Sian.  In addition to our signature sign language classes, Lora teaches our infant massage program and offers our guitar lessons. She developed Baby Fingers in 2000.

deanna1     molly-teach    erik-class

Deanna is an interpreter with the Brooklyn and Staten Island Courts, and a SI mom.

Molly is a teacher of the Deaf pursuing graduate studies in education and neuroscience. She teaches our signature sign classes, as well as our preschool enrichment and educator training programs.

Erik is a professional actor and teacher who first learned ASL in school, signing the Pledge of Allegiance. He teaches in our baby, toddler, and preschool programs.

,Vanessa is an ASL teacher, educational interpreter, and a mom.

Rafie is a Deaf ASL teacher in our after school and adult ASL program.

Stacie is a mom, a Deaf and Deaf/Blind interpreter, and Deaf ASL teacher in our tutoring/after school program, and adult ASL classes.

Nick is a singer/songwriter and early childhood party entertainer!


If you are looking for per diem teaching work and think you have what it takes to be a Baby Fingers teacher, send a cover letter, resume, and three references to info@mybabyfingers.com.

Learn more about Baby Fingers!  https://www.mybabyfingers.com