Five Fun Facts for Families


Benefits of Signing with Your Baby

By Lora Heller, Founding Director, Baby Fingers LLC


  1. Sing and sign together. Music helps with memory and attention, and signs provide a means through which self-expression can develop. 
  1. Read books together while signing key words. Sign language helps with literacy attainment and growth in vocabulary.
  1. Play Freeze Dance – sign “dance” and “stop” (or start/stop, dance/freeze, stop/go) throughout. Sign language and music aid in development of coordination and spatial reasoning skills.
  1. Take a walk and sign what you see. Signing things around your neighborhood helps your child create labels for favorite things and familiar places.
  1. Blow bubbles.  Then see how many words you can think of to say and sign that start with the letter B (for bubbles). Try other letters too. Signing increases vocabulary and motivates speech. 



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