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At Baby Fingers we offer the following:Class-baby

Our signature Sign & Song classes for babies and toddlers with a grown-up

Learn American Sign Language through songs and play with other parents, educators, and/or children close to your child’s age. Go home each week with new vocabulary and new tunes to enhance communication between you and your child! Whether you intend to incorporate sign language in your life for the long term or simply during this pre-verbal/developing verbal time, watch in awe as your child discovers the world of language. See the research come to life, as music and sign language both aid in the development of language and literacy. Baby Fingers programs incorporate the research supporting the benefits of sign language at all ages and stages, for children with and without special needs. Stories, songs, games, and movement to music are included in our teaching methods. Give the gift of communication and bond with your baby at Baby Fingers.

Sign Language enrichment for day care, preschool, after school programs

Offer American Sign Language as a primary language or enrichment class at your school or facility. We can bring in our own curriculum or complement yours. Signs can assist with transitions, problem solving, and classroom routines while helping to solidify new concepts and vocabulary. Provide an outlet for self-expression and early communication while children learn a new language that sets the foundation for later language learning and bridges the gap between two spoken languages. Our teachers can provide this instruction through “voice-off” immersion, creative and dramatic play, songs and stories, yoga and dance, art, or a combination of these methods.

Signature Sign & Stretch

This unique program focuses on getting your workout while bonding with your child through yoga and other creative movement, songs, and sign language. Parents and caregivers will feel rejuvenated while gaining a greater understanding of their baby’s or toddler’s amazing physical development, as well as tools to enhance language and communication. Walkers can be introduced to thematic units, tying together yoga poses with ASL vocabulary. Exercise your brain and body along with your child! The possibility for adventures while learning are endless! OUR SIGN & STRETCH TEACHERS ARE CERTIFIED TO TEACH YOGA AND THE BABY FINGERS SIGN LANGUAGE CURRICULUM.

We also offer ADULT ASL classes!

Learn to sign at any age!  We offer private 1:1 or group ASL for kids and adults of all ages, as well as evening classes for ages 16 through adult. Our ASL teachers are certified in Deaf Education and/or ASL Interpretation, and several of our teachers are Deaf/Native ASL users. Become familiar with the Deaf community while learning an incredible 2nd language.

Music therapy for children of all ages with special needs & music lessons for beginners of all ages

Discover the power of music and its benefits in reading, language, socialization, self-expression, communication, creativity, self-confidence and more. Our music teachers are professional musicians with years of experience teaching beginners of all ages on multiple instruments. We also have three board certified music therapists at Baby Fingers – professional musicians with advanced training in various aspects of therapy. What is Music Therapy? Read about it at

Infant Massage

Bond with your baby through therapeutic touch, learn strokes to aid in digestion and sleep. Our founding director is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage.

Birthday Party Entertainment

We’ll help you celebrate your child’s birthday at any age! Ask for one of our fabulous musicians for an interactive performance or one of our teachers for a class demo that includes everyone at your party!

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Workshops and Professional Development for Educators and Schools

Training and Certification Programs for Professionals information here

Recorded Webinars available here

LIVE On-Line classes/programs available here

Check our local classes page for locations and registration information, and contact us for additional details about our classes and programs!