Back to School – Back to Work

Back to the Grind


We’re officially back to school and back to work – back to washing dishes, grocery shopping and making lunches, back to the crowded subway commute. Summer wasn’t a vacation from work, just different. From mid-June through mid-August I live where I work, directing a musical theater program in the Berkshires with children age 7 – 15 years old. We produce 4 – 6 shows every summer (This summer culminated in 45 – 60 minute performances of Fiddler on the Roof, Matilda, Alice in Wonderland, and Joseph…Dreamcoat). So it’s truly work – but again, it’s different.

da boyz 2017My kids have grown up attending that overnight camp, so we live separately but I get to see them (this summer my younger one was actually on an overseas trip with his group and the older one was on staff!!). It’s kinda fun watching them from a distance while they thrive at camp, and not being their responsible adult for two months. But it’s also a bit more of a shock when they grow up and move out…further away than the cabin on the hill.

When I was squished like a sardine on a rush hour express train this week, it hit me that my older son was really in college and my younger one would have only one more first day of high school after this year. Where does the time go?? It’s bittersweet…it’s very exciting and, while I miss so much of their childhood, I love the young men they’ve become. Definitely one proud mama – groceries and dishes and commute and all…

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