Come Sing and Sign with Us!  “Become an early partner with your child as together you dance with the words of ASL (American Sign Language). Both your fingers and hands and your child’s fingers and hands can create meaning in the air as you silently exchange messages in sign language. For your child, this dance will activate formative links in the developing brain; teach phonics, vocabulary, word recognition, and comprehension; become a precursor to the recognition of print; provoke positive feedback from others; give access to Deaf people; engender feelings of self-worth; and ultimately aid reading and spelling and communicative ability in general. It is a dance with words, to be enjoyed from babyhood, through childhood, to adulthood.” – Marilyn Daniels, Dancing with Words: Signing for Hearing Children’s Literacy

Baby Fingers, A Musical Journey through Language and Learning

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Kid Pass Parent Choice Award Winner for Best Language Class!

Red Tricycle’s Local Hero: Neighborhood Favorite Mommy & Me Class!